4 Tips for Moving with Pets

4 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, and it’s not just stressful for humans — our pets also feel the upheaval. Pets, much like people, are creatures of habit, and shifting to a new environment can cause them significant anxiety. However, with careful planning and consideration, you can make the transition much smoother for your furry family members. If you’re preparing to move to Henderson, here’s a comprehensive guide to help ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible for your pets.

1. Preparation is Key

Start Early

Begin your moving preparations several weeks in advance. Pets are highly sensitive to changes in their environment, and they might become anxious seeing boxes and packing materials. Introduce these items gradually to allow your pets to explore and become accustomed to them.

Maintain Routine

Try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible in the days leading up to the move. Consistent feeding times, walks, and playtime can help keep their stress levels low.

Visit the Vet

Schedule a visit to the vet for a general check-up before moving. This is crucial if you're moving out of the area and will need to transfer veterinary records. It’s also an excellent opportunity to discuss ways to help ease any anxiety your pet may experience during the move.

2. During the Move

Keep Them Safe and Secure

On the moving day, the safest place for your pets is away from the action. Ideally, have them stay with a friend or at a pet daycare for the day. If that’s not an option, confine them to a quiet room that’s out of the way of movers. Make sure they have ample water, their favorite toys, and a comfortable place to rest.

Travel Arrangements

Whether you’re driving to your new home in Henderson or flying, how you plan to transport your pets is important:

  • By Car: Keep cats and small dogs in carriers large enough to house food and water dishes, plus a small litter box for cats. Larger dogs may benefit from travel-safe harnesses. Plan for regular stops to allow dogs to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.

  • By Plane: Check with the airline about their pet transport policies. Some airlines allow pets to travel in the cabin if the carrier fits under the seat, while others require pets to travel in the cargo hold.

3. Settling Into Your New Home

Pet-Proof Your New Home

Before you let your pet explore their new home, ensure that it’s safe for them:

  • Check for any pest-control traps that may have been left behind.
  • Secure windows, screens, and doors.
  • Remove any hazardous materials that were left behind or used during the moving process.

Slow Introduction

Introduce your pets to their new home gradually. Start by confining them to one area or room until they seem comfortable, then gradually allow them to explore more of the house.

Update Their Info

Update your pet’s tags and microchip information with your new address and phone number as soon as possible in case they escape or get lost.

4. Long-Term Adjustment

Establish a New Routine

As soon as possible, establish a new routine that mirrors the one you had at your old home. Consistent feeding times, walks, naps, and cuddle sessions can help your pet adjust more quickly.

Watch for Signs of Stress

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior. Signs of stress can include hiding more than usual, aggressive behavior, or changes in eating habits. If these behaviors persist, consult your new veterinarian for advice.

Lots of Love and Attention

One of the best ways to help your pet adjust to your Henderson home is to give them plenty of love and attention. Extra playtime and snuggles can help reassure them that although the environment has changed, your love for them hasn’t.

Moving with pets requires additional planning and consideration. By preparing in advance, maintaining routines, and helping them adjust to the new home, you can make the transition much smoother. Remember, while the move is temporary, the happiness and comfort of your furry friends are long-term commitments.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful relocation with your cherished pets. If you’re ready to make your move to Henderson, NV, real estate, team up with MDB Realty today.

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